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Our Government

  If you take an objective, second look at  "The  US Government",  you'll see it is not of the people.
You will find that  it is not a Republic and foremost.... IT IS GLOBAL.
Please learn what a republic is here: or Democracy
EDUCATE YOURSELF.   Learn American history.  Understand what it means to be an American.

* WARNING*  What is on its way is a new form of Global Government based not on capitalism but on energy production, distribution by means of complete management of all interactions humans have with "our Earth".
A new world economic order has been promised and is being delivered with or without your consent.
Our current form of government is global in nature and has been on board with this plan for decades.
 Learn and resist while you still can or your children certainly will not be free.



The Commission is charged with identifying any steps it believes should be taken by the United States to better protect its military and civilian systems from EMP attack.
The Commission has released a Critical National Infrastructures Report (PDF, 7MB) and testified before the House Armed Services Committee (July 10, 2008) - Written Testimony (PDF, 76KB).

Today this is voluntary
This will be mandatory in China starting in 2020 - Will this grow to become global ?

Propaganda Games: Sesame Credit

 - The True Danger of Gamification - Extra Credits

China has gamified being an obedient citizen with the creation of Sesame Credit. The game links to your social network and gives you a score for doing things that the government approves of, but it also reduces that score for doing things the government disapproves of. Even your friends' scores affect your own, and being friends with people who have a low score will drag your score down as well. This insidious system applies social pressure on people to ostracize their friends with lower scores, either forcing those friends to change their ways or effectively quarantining their rebellious ideas. While many sci-fi visions of a dystopian future have centered around a bleak government that controls through fear, Sesame Credit shows us that a government can use gamification and positive reinforcement to be just as controlling. And it's real. While currently the system is opt-in, the government plans to make it mandatory in 2020. Once mandatory, it may give rewards for good scores or penalties for bad ones. And in the meantime, making it opt-in has already set the tone for the game: people participate willingly, so they find it fun, and they set a very high standard for what the "average" score should be. Already people have begun sharing their scores on social media.

Facebook & your privacy

Who sees the data you share on the biggest social network?

Consumer Reports magazine

TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY Documentary Film Trailer (2013)

Terms and Conditions May Apply Documentary with Cullen Hoback

03:00 How Google and Facebook are using our identity without our permission.
05:30 Terms and Conditions May Apply.
08:00 Mark Zuckerberg has harsh words for Facebook users.
12:00 Terms and Conditions May Apply: Opening of the film.
20:20 Edward Snowden and the people who are fighting for our rights.
22:00 Terms and Conditions May Apply: "Total Information Awareness" surveillance program.
25:00 Deleting your Facebook account and the idea that humans are being trapped.
31:40 Terms and Conditions May Apply: How our information is being used against us.
42:00 Terms and Conditions May Apply: 1222 pages by Max Schrem.


The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing
If the bet works out, some of the world’s thorniest computing problems, such as the hunt for new drugs or efforts to build artificial intelligence, would become dramatically less challenging

In late 2010 Lockheed Martin became the first D-Wave customer. Their D-Wave One system, which is the first commercially available quantum computer in the world, was installed at USC’s Information Sciences Institute so that they could explore its potential.

Related Press Coverage

May 30, 2013
|Bloomberg Businessweek


December 3, 2015

This is an excellent interview of Patrick Wood by the well-known John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight. This podcast is produced with permission. You can find Caravan to Midnight here... 
We cover a number of issues, including the Paris Climate Summit and the encroachment of Agenda 21/2030 Agenda into every community in America. Most importantly, we give concrete action items that any American can undertake to stem the tide. 

Full Text of Paris COP21 Climate Change Agreement

Full Text of Paris COP21 Climate Change Agreement in English .pdf 31 pages as "agreed to " Dec 2015


It is the 21st Conference of the Parties, i.e. the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climate. It will be held in Le Bourget, France, from 30 November to 11 December.

A global   " Declaration of Interdependence"
President John F. Kennedy delivered the following address at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on July 4, 1962.

TPP Full Text | United States Trade Representative

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Launch of the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations General Assembly | OPA | Department of Justice


Genetically Modified Humans Are Only Two Years Away - Technocracy News


Global Governance Monitor!/internet


'Unexplored territory': Robots to build 3D-printed bridge across Amsterdam canal


Google is much larger than most people would ever suspect.  Just how big and powerful is Google ?
See for yourself here:

List of mergers and acquisitions by Google


Aldous Huxley The Ultimate Revolution 1962 at UC Berkeley

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958


Understanding 'The Wal-Mart Effect' : NPR


The Prison Crisis | American Civil Liberties Union


Final Report of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing - taskforce_finalreport.pdf


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For More Information See:
Prison Pop:
Obama Demilitarization of Police:
Internment Document:
US Police Task Force Doc:
Rightwing Extremism Doc:
Civilian Labor Camp Doc:
Bilderberg Meeting:
Snowden Leak NSA :



SPEAK WITH DATA ......  What happens when you have laws in effect to disarm the general public ?

Shootings -- Crime in Chicagoland --


   Bitcoin Magazine is published and distributed around the world for free. Read a digital copy of our magazine, subscribe to the mailing list for the next issue, or order post-publication copies.

BitCoin Magazine


Thomas P.M. Barnett 


Published on Apr 7, 2015


Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions

State of the Nation | April 23, 2015


Dollars for Docs

How Industry Dollars Reach Your Doctors

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are now required by law to release details of their payments to a variety of doctors and U.S. teaching hospitals for promotional talks, research and consulting, among other categories. Use this tool to search for general payments (excluding research and ownership interests) made from August 2013 to December 2014. | Related Story: A Pharma Payment A Day Keeps Docs’ Finances OK »

Look up your  doctor here >>>>

Massachusetts Pension payment database ( Public Information )

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Payrolls database ( Public Information)

Boston MA Payroll DataBase


Rearming Iraq: The New Arms Race in the Middle East
Published on May 19, 2015
As violence escalates across the Middle East and North Africa, the United States remains the largest exporter of weapons to the region, and private US defense companies and contractors have opened local offices as the demand shows no sign of abating.

VICE News traveled to this year's International Defense Exhibition and Conference in the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi to examine the competition between arms manufacturers vying for a greater portion of the lucrative market.

From Abu Dhabi we traveled to Iraq, where US weapons have fallen into the hands of non-state actors such as the so-called Islamic State militant group, Kurdish Peshmerga, and militias aligned with the Iraqi government. Rather than block sales, the US government and others actively promote them — ensuring there will be enough arms to fuel the region's wars and revolts for years to come.

Trapped in Iraq Between the Islamic State and Government Forces

Published on Apr 8, 2015
Days before the US launched airstrikes on Tikrit in late March, VICE News traveled to the front lines of the northern Iraqi city, where Iraqi government forces and volunteer militiamen are continuing to battle the so-called Islamic State militant group.

The presence of the volunteer militiamen Hashd al Shaabi, also known as the Popular Mobilization Forces, has raised fears among civilians of retributive attacks. VICE News spoke to refugees from Tikrit who were detained while attempting to flee the fighting, some of whom accused Hashd al Shaabi of carrying out abductions, forced conscription, and looting.

Ron Paul talks about American power structure, FED, Trilateral Commission and CFR (August 1988)

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity is a special project of the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, a non-profit established by Ron Paul in 1976.   Check out an analysis of current topics by Ron today on The Liberty Report. (free)


Caravan To Midnight - John B. Wells

 Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising

Episode 250 – Today we welcome Patrick Wood on board to show us why the U.S., and the world for that matter, has transformed the way it has; and to bring light to the solutions that will quell these issues.

Freedom Advocates
 Please take time to learn the facts and details that you need by reading, listening to and viewing our expertly and topically prepared resources

A republic: based on unchanging natural, discovered laws. Based on the discovered law that human beings are human beings from generation to generation to generation. We do not change nor do natural laws change.

A democracy: based on ever-changing man's law. Not natural nor discovered.  Laws created by man due to want of control upon others, for benevolent means or otherwise .  Changes in laws may occur upon emotional whims of the majority at any momemt in time.  Laws may drastically change due to economic or environmental events, such as  global banking institutional changes, foreign military or foreign/world-wide economic events.

Unalienable Rights versus Globalism

By Michael Shaw – Have we abandoned the uniquely American concept of the political, legal and educational recognition of unalienable rights? Reaffirming unalienable rights is our call to duty. You can contribute to this accomplishment by defending unalienable rights and by understanding and informing others of our government’s unrelenting commitment to the ‘global to local’ program of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.
 Google this term :    "John Adams Democracy" 

Democracy... while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

"Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos"-
John Marshall

 "Democracy is the road to socialism".
Karl Marx
This is a list of resources and summary of thoughts after the first ever National Townhall on Technocracy

A one hour in depth course delivered by a master researcher of 30+ years on the subject matter of:
The Trilateral Commission and Technocracy
Published on Nov 5, 2013

Founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission embarked on a New International Economic Order based on Technocracy. Brzezinski called this the "Technetronic Era" in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages. History now reveals the original Trilateral strategy and the means by which they have carried it out.


Tech­noc­racy Study Course, Hub­bert & Scott, 1934

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between. Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, 1970

Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era.pdf

"The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived".
John Quincy Adams

Jeffrey Tambor explains the N.W.O. and the Trilateral Commission on Barney Miller in 1981

(Our founders did not approve of government by democracy )
  Then:  Stand for liberty and SHOW OTHERS ! 

Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

This book above, in new and perfect condition, at  HALF PRICE available here for a limited time:
$10 plus $1.50 shipping if you pay with paypal.
Please respond to: for details
Offer starts on March 10, 2015

 Technocracy Digest September 1939.pdf
 This is a scanned copy of a a 75 year old magazine.The exact terms and engineering concepts of the  “Balanced Load” straight from the Technocracy Study Course of 1934 is what they are selling today. By force or coercion this is being implemented upon us today. “They”“ want us to want it today.

The Energy Certificate in this issue, now has the needed technology in place to implement this scheme today. ALL of the needed technology to implement this scheme of “Technocracy” has over the last 75 years, been solidly invented, patented, designed, developed and integrated into profitable systems that are ready for implementation to a world  just begging “to be fixed”.
Technocracy Study Course .pdf   Hubbert & Scott, 1934
Here is another source of the same document:
Tech­noc­racy Study Course, Hub­bert & Scott, 1934

And here is the full treaty UN Agenda 21 document from 1992
Full text of the 1992 United Nations Sustainable Development

United Nations Conference on Enviroment and Development
Rio de Janerio , Brazil, 3 to 14, June 1992
Full text of the 1992 Agenda 21 Treaty.pdf

from the UN .org website:
From the Johannesburg Summit 2001
National Implementation of Agenda 21, A Summary

From the website:
Rio+20  The Future We Want

The Future We Want: Outcome document adopted at Rio+20
PDF document

The Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform at the UN
The Division for Sustainable Development (DSD) provides leadership in promoting and coordinating implementation of the sustainable development agenda of the United Nations. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) which concluded on 22 June 2012, is been considered one of the largest conferences in the history of the United Nations. Governments renewed their strong political commitment to sustainable development and to promote integration and coherence of policies and the implementation of actions in the social, economic and environmental areas.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Smart Growth America  IEEE Smart Cities
A smart city brings together technology, government and society to enable the following characteristics:
a smart economy, smart mobility, a smart environment, smart people, smart living andsmart governance.

SIEMENS - Smart Cities 

Siemens Smart Cities.pdf

IEEE and Smartgrid

Ecocity World Summit 2015 will be a meeting point for urban planners, architects, policy makers, city management practitioners, innovators, academics, and other professionals from government and industry. ICLEI  LOCAL and REIGONAL  ICELI GLOBAL  The ICLEI  Map of Member's Earthly Locations
Agenda 21 is a many headed beast. Please checkout this homepage "about us"


Here is an example of a Global Treaty being implemented at the Local level:

Would you recognize a global treaty implemented locally if was in front of you ?
Here is a classic example of Agenda21 :  (in stealth mode)
A $1.9 million federal grant is being used to fund . The Rhode Island Roadmap.It's a statewide planning program, complete with public forums, to improve housing and the job climate in Rhode Island.
It is regional, local yet global in scope and methods. It relies on Public-Private-Partnerships to grease the wheel of this global treaty, which has never been brought before our US Senate for ratification, as any lawful treaty is required to be before implementation.------------------------------------------

In Technocracy Rising, I connect all the dots between the original doctrines of Technocracy and the more recent achievements of the Trilateral Commission elite, bringing all of my 38 years of research to bear. This includes the transformation of capitalism into a "green economy", the transformation of government from a Republic into unelected governance according to "functional sequences", and the transformation of religion from traditional values into a globalist agenda that will support the globalization process. You will see Trilateral and elite fingerprints all over things like Sustainable Development, the United Nation's "green economy", global warming, Agenda 21, Common Core State Standards, Smart Grid, and more.

American's wisely rejected Technocracy in the 1930s. We have a chance to reject it again, but the window of time is rapidly closing. You will agree with other readers who have already concluded, "This book must be immediately read by every American." - Patrick M. Wood

Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformaton-Talking Points.pdf
Author : Patrick M. Wood, 2014

It's called Technocracy, and it intends to replace everything we know and love with a totalitarian order that completely wipes out our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Republic form of government and the historic Rule of Law. The historic Technocracy movement from the 1930s sought to create an alternative economic system to replace capitalism. Society would be run by top scientists and engineers instead of elected politicians and Constitutional government. Originally sponsored by Columbia University, Technocracy fell out of favor until it was revived and repackaged in 1970 by Columbia Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era. In 1973, Brzezinski co-founded the elite Trilateral Commission with financier David Rockefeller, which promptly declared its desire to create a "New International Economic Order.

Technocracy Today simply explained by researcher above on an internet radio show Nov 2014
Click here to listen to or download the mp3  and share it with your family, friends and better yet, your government Representative. If you dare.  Technocracy Today simply explained Part1.mp3
Technocracy Today simply explained Part2.mp3

Technocracy Rising 
This is  38 years of research, speaking with data which you may easily verify,  boiled down and simply stated.
You can see for yourself as none of this is hidden nor theory. If you want to know the truth here is the data.

This is the Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation

What is the WTO ?     (the World Trade Organization)

The WTO building: Centre William RappardWelcome to the Centre William Rappard, the home of the World Trade Organization. Testimony to over seventy years of international co-operation, the Centre William Rappard (CWR) was conceived as part of the effort after World War I to create a League of Nations and related institutions that would encourage multilateral exchanges and favour the peaceful resolution of human conflicts.

Global Issues 

The Export-Import Bank of the United States is the official export credit agency of the United States. Our mission is to ensure that U.S. companies — large and small — have access to the financing they need to turn export opportunities into sales. Ex-Im Bank does not compete with private institutions. We fill gaps in the trade finance market by working with lenders and brokers to ensure that U.S. businesses get what they need to sell abroad and be competitive in international markets.

The 1934 presidential EXECUTIVE order that created The Export-Import Bank of the United States 


The dark horse of the New World Order is not Com­mu­nism, Socialism or Fas­cism:
It is Technocracy.

The devel­op­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of Smart Grid tech­nology in the U.S. — rein­venting the elec­trical grid with Wifi-enabled dig­ital power meters — is pro­ceeding at break­neck speed. Although Smart Grid is the result of years of gov­ern­ment plan­ning, the recent kickoff was made pos­sible through mas­sive “green” grants that were qui­etly included in Pres­i­dent Obama’s eco­nomic stim­ulus package starting in 2009.


"The electrical system supporting life on planet Earth is analogous to computer technology circa 1980... dominated by mainframes, with PC's barely on the horizon and only a rudimentary network in place.

The next World Wide Web will be a Global Energy Grid
-- and it will transform everything.



Explaining Smart Grid, World Eco­nomic Forum video, 2011

IEEE & Smart Grid web­site,

Smart Grid News web­site,

Global Energy Net­work: Emer­gence of the Next “World Wide Web pre­sen­ta­tion”, Ter­raWatts

The Enernet video pre­sen­ta­tion, Bob Met­calfe, founder of 3Com and co-inventor of Ethernet

Ter­rawatts web­site,

Global Energy Net­work Insti­tute web­site,

Tech­noc­racy Study Course, Hub­bert & Scott, 1934

Many very good links to BitCoin and several other crypto-currencies trading today. In real time and charts too.

Here's a quote from the co-founder of The Trilateral Commission : ( the following excerpt published in 1970 )

"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.’

- Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between. Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, 1970

Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era.pdf

TECHNOCRACY INC. is a non-profit membership organization incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. It is a Continental Organization. It is not a financial racket or a political party.


Bill Passes with Language Delaying Funding of U.N. Arms Trade Treaty- June 2014

For those unfamiliar with the text of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty, here’s a brief sketch of the most noxious provisions:

• Article 2 of the treaty defines the scope of the treaty’s prohibitions. The right to own, buy, sell, trade, or transfer all means of armed resistance, including handguns, is denied to civilians by this section of the Arms Trade Treaty.

• Article 3 places the “ammunition/munitions fired, launched or delivered by the conventional arms covered under Article 2” within the scope of the treaty’s prohibitions, as well.

• Article 4 rounds out the regulations, also placing all “parts and components” of weapons within the scheme.

Full article here

And straight from "your present day,  global government's Office Of Information" :

Arms Trade Treaty (full text)

عربي    中文    English    Français    Русский    Español  

The landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), regulating the international trade in conventional arms - from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships - will enter into force on 24 December 2014.

Status on signature/ratification of the Treaty   (As of Nov 10, 2014)

  • How many States have signed the treaty?   122
  • How many States have ratified the treaty?   54
  • General Assembly vote to adopt the treaty: 154-3-23
Here is a link to the source: 


Freedom From War

The United States Program
for General and Complete
Disarmament in a Peaceful


Disarmament Series 5
Released September 1961

Office of Public Services

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C. - Price 15 cents

or read it for free here:


With BGR at your side, you have a powerhouse partner in global government, commerce and media. BGR provides proven success in lobbying, crisis management and media relations. Contact BGR now to consider your next move

Here's the full text another life altering Treaty. UN Agenda 21.pdf    We are 20+ years into it already.

Fukushima Update  went online on October 16, 2011. It is dedicated to providing news and information related to the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan. With neither a pro- nor anti-nuclear agenda and no axes to grind, Fukushima Update aims to be a one-stop source for reliable, fact-based reporting about the Fukushima situation.


It is what it is and it is......
(not conspiracy theory, but conspiracy none the less ?)

It is all nonsense....So whatever you do, do not look here ! 

Agriculture Defense Coalition


Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering  (Video  1Hour, 4 Minutes)
ORIGINALLY RECORDED March 10, 2010 at The Council On Foreign Relations

Are Americans practicing communism TODAY ?

Are we communist today.pdf   "It is what it is"

There are no restrictions here, no registering, no cost.
 Please spend the time to read and understand, so then you may stand or not stand for liberty.

Q.  Who defends the constitution ?     A.  We The People.
Just what is "The American Way" today ?
  Are we a government of the people ?   By the people ?    For the people ?
Or has it perished from this Earth ?

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at

Title: The Communist Manifesto

Author: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

[From the English edition of 1888, edited by Friedrich Engels]


The RAND Corporation Global Research

Informing the current public policy debate and topics on the public agenda

RAND is committed to critical issues of particular relevance to the public policy debate. Here you can browse work aggregated by Policy Focus from across a diverse organization composed of nearly 100 active projects, programs, and centers. At RAND, we share our research publications in digital format free of charge as a public service.

The Post Sustainability Institute

"It is what it is"     but....   It is !

Technocracy and the New World Order” by Freedom Advocates on Vimeo.


Bretton Woods Committee

The Bretton Woods Committee is the nonpartisan network of prominent global citizens, which works to demonstrate the value of international economic cooperation and to foster strong, effective Bretton Woods institutions as forces for global well-being.

Yes... "They" do have a YouTube Channel !
Many of the same players are here in another "global minded heavyweights club"
The World Economic Forum, see "Strategic Partners"on their site and see many dozen names you recognize

Yes... "They" too have a YouTube Channel !


Problem – There is an increase of different forms of governance emerging in the United States other than a constitutional republic, (i.e., governing by consensus; public/private partnerships via the implementation of Sustainable Development through various programs as set forth under UN Agenda 21) which adversely affects individual liberties as established by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. These new tools of governance are moving us further into a socialist system we previously recognized as a danger to our freedom and something to be defended against. These changes centralize control over our lives, even though many here still value liberty and control over our own lives.

North Western Research Institute

Blueprint for Program Planning


The UN News Center,


The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is the UK's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues.

What is Global Access for Small Business?  

Global Access for Small Business is a top priority of Ex-Im Bank. This initiative is dedicated to dramatically increasing the number of small businesses exporting goods and services to maintain and create U.S. jobs. Global Access is being supported by a wide variety of business, financial and government partners and is part of President Obama's National Export Initiative (NEI). 

On January 13, 2011, the initiative was launched by Chairman and President Fred P. Hochberg with the Commerce Department, U.S. Trade Representative, Small Business Administration, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, and several lenders. - overview brochure (PDF) | watch a recent Global Access Forum Presentation (32:44)

Welcome to MassOpenBooks, your online tool to find out how the Massachusetts State government is spending your tax dollars!

Explore pension data.  In addition to pension amounts, you can also explore pensions by agency and secretariat, as well as by group classification, job title, retirement age, and final salary.  

Downloads from this table to Excel are limited to a maximum of 5,000 records.

What is the Hegelian Dialectic?

In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel's theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism. Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

"...the State 'has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State... for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'" Author/historian William Shirer, quoting Georg Hegel in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1959, page 144)

NATO  A to Z


The Bretton Woods Project is a UK-based NGO that challenges the World Bank and IMF and promotes alternative approaches. We serve as an information provider, watchdog, networker and advocate. Our flagship publications are the Bretton Woods Observer, a quarterly critical review of developments at the World Bank and IMF, and the Bretton Woods Bulletin, an online update of news and action on the institutions.


NATO Leaders at the Wales Summit reaffirmed on Thursday (4 September 2014) their commitment to supporting Afghanistan and called on the two presidential candidates to work together and to conclude the necessary security agreements as soon as possible, as they have said they will. The ISAF Heads of State and Government also asked the two candidates to “swiftly deliver a peaceful outcome of this election, acceptable to the Afghan people,” the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.


2014 Bretton Woods Committee International Council Meeting

 Thu, Oct 9, 2014
Attendance restrictions:  by invitation only
 Location: St. Regis Hotel, 923 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20006


Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Council, and the President of the European Commission met in The Hague and released this statement on March 24, 2014


The dark horse of the New World Order is not Com­mu­nism, Socialism or Fas­cism:
It is Technocracy.

The devel­op­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of Smart Grid tech­nology in the U.S. — rein­venting the elec­trical grid with Wifi-enabled dig­ital power meters — is pro­ceeding at break­neck speed. Although Smart Grid is the result of years of gov­ern­ment plan­ning, the recent kickoff was made pos­sible through mas­sive “green” grants that were qui­etly included in Pres­i­dent Obama’s eco­nomic stim­ulus package starting in 2009.


"The electrical system supporting life on planet Earth is analogous to computer technology circa 1980... dominated by mainframes, with PC's barely on the horizon and only a rudimentary network in place.

The next World Wide Web will be a Global Energy Grid
-- and it will transform everything.



Explaining Smart Grid, World Eco­nomic Forum video, 2011

IEEE & Smart Grid web­site,

Smart Grid News web­site,

Global Energy Net­work: Emer­gence of the Next “World Wide Web pre­sen­ta­tion”, Ter­raWatts

The Enernet video pre­sen­ta­tion, Bob Met­calfe, founder of 3Com and co-inventor of Ethernet

Ter­rawatts web­site,

Global Energy Net­work Insti­tute web­site,

Tech­noc­racy Study Course, Hub­bert & Scott, 1934


The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) is an independent, self-sustaining agency with an 80-year record of supporting U.S. jobs by financing the export of American goods and services.

Here's current news and information on the Import Export Banking Agency created by executive order in 1934 as it is due for re-authorization by congress this year. It's needed for TTP treaty in the works now.

Here is the executive order executed during a declared state of emergency...which is still supposedly in effect.


Climate Engineering Conference 2014 18-21 August, Scandic Hotel at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

Critical Global Discussions


Worldwide effort to raise awareness !      April 25 2015  LOOK UP !   Show others  Why in the World are They Spraying?

When the Military Industrial Complex met UN Agenda 21  out popped  The Rocky Mountain Institute


Bretton Woods 2014: The Founders and the Future
at the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire from Sept. 3rd to Sept. 4th 2014

Honoring the 70th anniversary of the original conference, Bretton Woods 2014: The Founders and the Future will be held at the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire from Sept. 3rd to Sept. 4th. The hotel will be exclusively available for the conference, just as it was in 1944. The event will gather prominent leaders from government, business, and academia in a working-group environment to focus on the FUTURE of finance and the international monetary system.

Topics will include prospects for the world’s foreign exchange system; future of finance and financial institutions; technology and the future of the international financial system; how to anticipate and manage future crises better; the future of sovereign debt restructuring; the future role of the IMF and World Bank; and history and leadership at Bretton Woods in 1944.

Crisis and Renewal: International Political Economy at the Crossroads

Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
April 8-11, 2011
The Institute for New Economic Thinking held its second annual plenary conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. In 1944, the same hotel was the site of the negotiations that devised the international financial architecture that prevailed for a generation; this year, 250 economists came to hear presentations by 80 economic experts. Whether you attended or not, you have the opportunity to watch the conference in its entirety on our website.